sWelcome to Equiverse

Welcome to any horse lover's dream! Equiverse is a more realistic take on a horse server with 10 different disciplines, which include but not limited to, racing, show jumping, dressage to more niche ones like cutting and mounted archery. Each discipline has its own unique training area where we host lessons and competitions in.

Even if you're not familiar with the equestrian world, Equiverse is a perfect place to learn! Our friendly team of staff are always there to help with anything, BIG or small!

We have a simple ranking system that is easy to understand. With 11 different ranks from newbie to professional that give you more advanced opportunities as you progress, you will not be bored!

Each player has an opportunity to get a job at one of our many shops in the city to earn money toward new horses, new land and other bits and bobs!

We're a great big family and any new players are always welcome! We hope to see you soon :)